Top Ten Classic Disneyland Foods: Plan Your Foodie Itinerary Now!

As imaginative as the rides are and as magical as the experiences are, a vacation to Disneyland just isn’t complete without indulging in the classic Disneyland foods!

Throughout the years, a handful of Disneyland bites have withstood the test of time and risen above the rest to become “classics”. Both savory and sweet, these classic eats are ones that many find themselves coming back to trip after trip. They simply never get old!

Whether you’re a Disney newbie and you don’t want to waste any time experimenting to find the tastiest treats, or it’s your tenth visit and you’d like to try something new, join us as we count down the Top Ten Classic Disneyland Foods!

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10. Popcorn

Close up of popcorn

Sure, it’s just popcorn, but there’s something about this popcorn that stands supreme. It’s crunchy, it’s salty, it’s buttery; It’s everything that other popcorn tries to be but just isn’t. And that smell! Because there are carts positioned all throughout the parks, you can pretty much smell this tasty treat wherever you are. Plus, it’s the perfect walking snack while you’re heading to your next ride.

Price: $4.25

Where to Look for It: Carts in front of Carthay Circle, Central Plaza, City Hall, Fantasyland Theatre, Gadget’s Go Coaster, Grizzly Peak Airfield, Haunted Mansion, Hyperion Theatre, It’s a Small World Promenade, Mark Twain Riverboat, Pixar Pier, Star Trader

9. Mickey PretzelsMickey Mouse shaped pretzel with salt

It’s hard to explain, but once you’re at Disneyland you’ll understand: Anything tastes better when it’s in the shape of Mickey Mouse. These salted pretzels are no different. Eat it on your own and you’ll be full for a couple of hours, or split it with a friend to tide you over until your upcoming dinner reservation. Everyone agrees they’re great, but there is one thing that’s up for debate: Do you start with the ears or leave them for last?

Price: $4.59

Where to Look for It: Bayside Brews, Pacific Wharf Distribution Co., Refreshment Corner, or Carts in front of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Hyperion Theater, It’s a Small World Promenade, and Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

8. Mickey Beignets

Mickey shaped pastries with dipping sauce

Looking for something Mickey-shaped but have a hankering for something sweet instead of salty? The Mickey Beignets will be your perfect pick. They’re light, sweet, and the perfect complement to your time in New Orleans Square, especially when accompanied by the Jambalaya Jazz Band and followed with a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. If you order them at Cafe Orleans as a part of your meal, they’ll be served with both a Raspberry Coulis and my personal favorite, a Vanilla Creme Anglaise. But if you’re in more of a rush, you can also order them to-go sans dipping sauce at the Mint Julep Bar right next door.

Price: $10 at Cafe Orleans with dipping sauce, and either $3.99 for 3 or $6.99 for 6 at Mint Julep Bar

Where to Look for It: Cafe Orleans and Mint Julep Bar, both inside New Orleans Square

7. Turkey Legs

Two turkey legs on a plate

Many people are initially turned off by this savory treat because of how you look when you eat it. There really is no way around it: you’ll look (and feel) like a primal caveman. But some fans of the turkey leg actually consider the disgustingly-amazing photos they can get out of the experience to be one of the reasons they love it so much. Instagram aside, these hot, smoked turkey legs are seriously succulent and delicious. They’re huge, so you can share one. If it’s a rainy or chilly day, they’ll warm your hands and your belly. Plus, they’re definitely one of the most filling quick-service cart options, so if you’re hungry and need substantial food fast, this is your best bet. We simply can’t recommend them enough.

Price: $12.50

Where to Look for It: Poultry Palace, Edelweiss Snacks, Ship to Shore Marketplace, and carts in front of Central Plaza and Hollywood Land

6. Mickey Waffles

Two Mickey shaped waffles with syrup and sauces

Looking for the cheeriest way to start your Disney day? Take a bite out of these crispy Mickey waffles! Mickey waffles are a quintessential Disney food, as you can find them at Disneyland, Disney World, and even on Disney Cruise Lines! These aren’t just your average waffle; They’re made with malted flour and are deliciously thick. Plus, with a variety of locations they’re served at, there will certainly be Micky waffles waiting for you regardless of where you begin your day. Whether you’re Team Maple Syrup or Team Fruit, this is a sure pick for you.

Price: $12 at Carnation Cafe, others vary as they are typically part of a buffet meal

Where to Look for It: Breakfasts at Carnation Cafe, Goofy’s Kitchen, Plaza Inn, Grand Californian Storytellers Cafe, Paradise Pier Hotel Grill breakfast buffet

5. Corndogs

Corn dog in basket with potato chips

Let’s just put it this way: if a better corndog exists somewhere in the world, we have yet to find it. Disneyland’s corndogs are crispy, sweet, succulent, fried to golden perfection, and smell delicious. They come with either a side of potato chips or apple slices, but you can also request neither to save a couple of bucks. Corndogs are one of my favorite ways to pass the time as I’m saving seats waiting for a parade or fireworks to begin. And just to settle the debate, some tout that the Little Red Wagon’s corndogs are better than the Corn Dog Castle’s, but they’re exactly the same. Yes, it’s a beautiful thing to know that regardless of which park you’re at, a beautiful corndog is just a few steps away.

Price: $8.79

Where to Look for It: Little Red Wagon on Main Street, U.S.A. and Corn Dog Castle at Paradise Garden’s Park

4. Monte Cristo

Sandwich on plate with dipping sauce

The Monte Cristo is hands down the most popular dish at the park, and it’s got a cult following to prove it. Dieters beware: this famous sandwich is filled to the brim with ham, turkey, and cheese, wrapped with a doughy blanket of goodness, fried to a crisp golden-brown, dusted with sweet powdered sugar, and served with a delectable dipping sauce that is a dessert in and of itself. The version at the Blue Bayou has additional dipping sauces, so although it’s pricier, it really is worth a try at least once in your life. When paired with the Pomme Frites at New Orleans Cafe, it’s hands down my favorite meal in all of Disneyland. Don’t miss out on this top favorite classic Disneyland foods.

Price: $21 at Cafe Orleans, $29 at Blue Bayou

Where to Look for It: Cafe Orleans and Blue Bayou (lunch only) inside New Orleans Square

3. Churro

Three churros with cinnamon sugar

These sweet, fried, cinnamon and sugar pastry wands are ones that guests keep coming back to time and time again. For many, these are a daily (or even twice a day – we’re not judging!) treat during a Disney vacation. And with several churro carts constantly pumping them out, you can always find one hot and fresh. They’re perfect for brisk mornings or evenings since they’re warm and the carts are pretty much open all day. Disneyland has been releasing several limited-time churro flavors as well, so be on the look out for novelty offerings. Churros are an all time favorite for classic Disneyland foods.

Price: $4.25

Where to Look for It: Willie’s Churros on Buena Vista Street, Señor Buzz Churros in Pixar Pier, and carts near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Casey Jr. Circus Train, Haunted Mansion, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Splash Mountain, It’s a Small World Promenade, Town Square, Goofy’s Sky School, and Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

2. Mickey Ice-Cream Bar

Three chocolate covered Mickey shaped icecream bars

The Mickey Ice-Cream Bar is what I consider to be the holy grail of all Mickey-shaped treats. Skeptics may be tempted to say “It’s just an ice-cream bar!” but if you’ve tried it, you know that it’s anything but. The velvety chocolate coating is thicker than any I’ve ever experienced before. It’s always frozen solid, so you have some good time to snack on it before it gets melty and messy. This is the perfect treat for beating the heat while you’re waiting for a mid-day parade to start, or even just while you’re walking to use your next Fastpass. But even on a chilly day, I just can’t turn one of these classic Disneyland foods.

Price: $4.25

Where to Look for It: Ice-Cream Carts near Main Street, U.S.A., Cars Land, Hollywood Land, It’s a Small World Promenade

1. Dole Whip

Dole whip in dish and a Dole whip float

We know you’ve probably when wondering “Where is the Dole Whip on this list?!” The Dole Whip is so legendary at Disneyland that we couldn’t deny it deserved our top spot. This creamy pineapple soft serve is a favorite among many Disney fans, especially since it’s dairy-free which makes it an option for many with allergies. While this isn’t a Disney-exclusive treat, it definitely tastes the best when enjoyed underneath the green canopies of Adventureland while waiting to enter The Enchanted Tiki Room, does it not? For a more refreshing version, you can also choose the Dole Whip Float, which features the soft serve paired with pineapple juice.

Our hint? Many people don’t realize that you can use the Mobile Ordering feature on the Disneyland app to get the Dole Whip in Adventureland. The majority of people pick the queue right outside of The Enchanted Tiki Room, and the line gets long fast! You can skip this line by using the Mobile Ordering feature and pick it up on the side closest to The Enchanted Tiki Room. Or you can also now enjoy Dole Whips- including a variety of new flavors- at the new Tropical Hideaway. Sit and watch the boats from the Jungle Cruise float by and enjoy a classic pineapple Dole Whip or the new additions- raspberry and orange!

Price: $4.99, or $5.99 for a float

Where to Look for It: Tiki Juice Bar and Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland

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