Disney Creating Content For New Apple Headset Including Virtual Disney Parks

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney Plus will be available on Apple Vision Pro from day one. The Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality headset, which will debut in early 2024, provides users with an experience that enhances their surroundings and allows them to engage with an Augmented Reality (AR) version of the world around them.

Disney will be partnering with Apple to provide fans with an immersive new way to engage with their content, and it has released a glimpse of how Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality headset can bring its stories, worlds, and characters beyond the screen to engage with fans, including virtual environments you can watch your favorite Disney shows in. Iger commented that “This platform will allow us to bring Disney to our fans in ways that were previously impossible” before presenting the sneak-peek of the experience.

We will break down details about the partnership between Disney and Apple and what to look forward to as it pertains to the Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality headset, sharing Disney’s video that gives a glimpse of the possibilities.

What is Apple’s Vision Pro AR Headset?

The AR headset is Apple’s first spatial operating system, which will cost $3,499 and enables you to engage with “apps and experiences” for an augmented reality (AR) experience of your surroundings. Apple Vision Pro is controlled with your hands, voice, and eyes, and you can still maintain contact with and engage with the space you are in while wearing the headset. You can look at an item, tap your fingers to select it, and use either the keyboard or dictation to type.

The “EyeSight” feature will display your eyes to others in the room, which helps indicate if you are using apps or “fully immersed.” There is also a built-in 3D camera that allows users to capture “spatial” pictures and videos. Spatial Audio helps you feel as if sounds are actually coming from different parts of your surroundings.The headset will also offer experiences like themed virtual cinemas and a large screen projection for video games.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, commented that “Apple Vision Pro will change the way we communicate, collaborate, work, and enjoy entertainment” through augmented reality.

Disney Shares Glimpse of Apple’s Vision Pro Augmented Reality Headset

Disney has shared a teaser of what users can look forward to in the video below. In the video, we can see how users can “experience their favorite stories in unexpected ways,” from AR replays of sports to Mickey Mouse leaping from the screen and engaging with the room around him. The video also demonstrates that you can view shows like The Mandalorian in immersive virtual environments or you can engage with the characters onscreen, as The Watcher from What If…? gives users a wristband that shows glimpses of the Multiverse. The video also suggested that there will be bonus content, such as looking up planets in the Star Wars universe, that you can explore as you are engaging with a show.

Iger is excited about the possibilities of this partnership and commented that “the first time I tried Apple Vision Pro, the thing that struck me the most was how it will allow us to create deeply personal experiences that bring our fans closer to the characters they love and more deeply immersed in our stories.”

Apple Vision Pro AR Experience of Disney Parks

At one point in the video, Disney poses the question “What if you could bring Disney World into your world?” We see a glimpse of illuminated floats from the Main Street Electrical Parade progressing toward Cinderella Castle with fireworks overhead. This suggests that we may see iconic rides, shows, characters, and other elements of the Disney parks brought to the AR experience as well through the Apple Vision Pro headset, providing a whole new way to experience what the parks have to offer.

How Will This Affect the Disney+ Viewing Experience?

This new experience will bring Disney’s stories and characters to life in a way that has never been done before through a mix of AR and VR content. Disney+ content will be available from the launch date of the Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality Headset.

Iger shared: “We’re so proud to yet again be partnering the greatest storytelling company in the world with a most innovative technology company in the world to bring you real-life magic. And I’m excited to announce that Disney+ will be available on day one. These are just a few of the ways we can bring Disney into your world with Apple Vision Pro. We’re looking forward to sharing more in the coming months.”

We will keep you updated as more information is released about Disney’s partnership with Apple for the Apple Vision Pro Headset, which will be available in early 2024.

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