Dining Guide: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is dedicated and themed entirely around the natural environment and animal conservation.  This unique park features hundreds of species of live animals on exhibit as well as some great restaurants! Here is your Disney’s Animal Kingdom dining guide for the park’s themed areas.

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Main Entrance

Sign for Rainforest Café declares "A wild place to shop and eat"

The Rainforest Cafe® at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is at the parks’ main entrance. This restaurant is a must see!  Guests will feel like they are on a safari in tropical rainforest while they dine on their American-style food. This colorful jungle atmosphere features singing birds, elephants, gorillas, and schools of fish. Rainforest Café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The breakfast menu features delicious options such as Benedict Bamba, Wild Waffle, and a Mexican-style breakfast pizza.  Lunch and dinner options include Beef Lava Nachos, Crustacean Crab Dip, Big Islander Shrimp Caesar Salad, Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp, Rainforest Burger, as well as chicken, steak and pasta dishes. Prices range from $15 to $34.99 per adult. Read our full review of the Rainforest Cafe to see why we loved our experience!

Four different cocktails over ice in Rainforest Cafe logo glasses with fruit garnishes

The Safari Bar is also located at the entrance to the park. This lounge celebrates the world travels of Disney Imagineers and animal experts, and allows guests to answer different questions about traveling the world.

Guests can enjoy draft and bottled beer, wine, and specialty cocktails, such as a Beso Del Sol Red Sangria and Moscow Mule. Prices range from $15 to $34.99 per adult.

Discovery Island

Discovery Island is located at the center of the park.  This central hub is in the middle of the Discovery River waterway and connects the other sections of the park.

Table-service restaurants include:

  • Nomad Lounge
  • Pizzafari Family-Style Dining
  • Smiling Crocodile
  • Tiffins Restaurant

Quick-service dining options include:

  • Pizzafari
  • Eight Spoon Café
  • Flame Tree Barbecue
  • Creature Comforts
  • Isle of Java
  • Terra Treats

An elegant martini glass filled with a Night Monkey cocktail on a table beside tubes of watercolor paints and brushes

Nomad Lounge is a refreshing oasis is located next to Tiffins Restaurant.  Here guests can enjoy specialty cocktails and enticing appetizers from around the world. Small plates consist of Tuna Poke Bowl, Chef’s House-made Charcuterie Board, and African-spiced Wagyu Beef Sliders. Prices range from $15 to $34.99 per adult.

Pepperoni pizza next to a bowl of salsa

Guests can enjoy an Italian feast when they visit Pizzafari Family-Style Dining. This bright safari-themed restaurant serves pizza, pasta, salads, and Italian desserts in a buffet-style eatery.

Guests should save room for the miniature Cannolis drizzled in chocolate! Prices range from $15 to $34.99 per adult. There is also a quick-service option of Pizzafari that serves pizzas, salads, pasta, desserts and more at prices ranging from $14.99 and under per adult.

A kiosk with a menu and a sign that reads The Smiling Crocodile

The Smiling Crocodile is a fun treat!  Guests can enjoy open-faced turkey BLT or house-made Pimento-cheese BLT with house-roasted bacon at this snack stop.  Prices range from $14.99 and under per adult.

A maze cake paired with peas, lettuce, corn, carrots, peppers, cream and tomato sauce

Guests can dine on African, Asian, Latin Cuisine at the Tiffins Restaurant. This fine, signature dining location has three elegant dining rooms honoring the spirit of Africa, Asia, and some of the world’s most exotic animals. The menu features Fort McCoy Beef Tenderloin, Pan-seared Alaskan Halibut, and Surf & Turf.

Their dessert menu includes delicious options such as guava mousse, passion fruit sorbet, and South American chocolate ganache. Tiffins Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and prices range from $35 to $59.99 per adult.

2 ramekins of mac and cheese with one of them topped with pulled pork, pickles and green onions

Eight Spoon Café is a quick-service option that sells baked macaroni & cheese dishes, including options topped with pulled pork or shrimp and sweet chili sauce.

The Flame Tree Barbecue serves smokehouse meat and chicken dinners with sides such as baked beans and coleslaw. Prices for Eight Spoon Café and the Flame Tree Barbecue range from $14.99 and under per adult.

A cappuccino on a plate sprinkled with coffee beans

Guests can pop into the African-themed Creature Comforts, which serves STARBUCKS® coffee and specialty beverages, Disney baked goods and La Boulange™ pastry items.

Disney is raising money for Cotton-top Tamarins. The Disney Conservation Fund will donate to efforts to protect these endangered South American monkeys with every sale of the Flat White latte.

Terra Treats kiosk, with 2 service windows, serves allergy free snacks

Another coffee stop is the Isle of Java where guests can enjoy fresh-brewed espresso, cappuccino, cold drinks and various sweet treats. Those 21 or over can also purchase an Island Cappuccino, which is made with white chocolate and Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum.

Terra Treats is a cute snack shack that sells buffalo chicken wings or hummus with veggies, as well as soft drinks, beer or cider.

Pandora – The World of Avatar

Pandora – The World of Avatar is themed after Pandora, from James Cameron’s Avatar series. This beautiful area features the mysterious Na’vi River.  The table-service option consists of the Satu’li Canteen and the quick-service stop is Pongu Pongu.

A slow-roasted sliced grilled beef bowl served with vegetable slaw, boba balls and brown rice

The Satu’li Canteen is a fast and casual option for lunch or dinner.  Guests can enjoy the art and culture of the Na’vi while dining in a former RDA mess hall.  Their menu features a variety of bowls, including the Slow-Roasted Sliced Grilled Beef Bowl, Sustainable Fish Bowl, and the Chili-Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu Bowl. Prices range from $14.99 and under per adult.

Two frozen beverages topped with boba balls, and two beers served in pilsner glasses

Guests can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic “bioluminescent” frozen cocktails at Pongu Pongu. Their lounge menu includes Pongu Lumpia and the Colossal Pretzel along with a large variety of specialty drinks and beer.  Guest can also purchase a Mo’ara Margarita in a Souvenir Mug with Glowing Unadelta Seed! Prices range from $14.99 and under per adult.


Africa is one of the original areas of Animal Kingdom and is set in the fictional east African port village of Harambe.

Table-service dining options in Africa include:

  • Tusker House Restaurant

Quick-service stops include:

  • Dawa Bar
  • Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery
  • Mahindi, Tamu Tamu Refreshments
  • Harambe Market
  • Harambe Fruit Market

Sample an array of exotic delicious dishes at Tusker House Restaurant, such as the peri-peri marinated baked salmon

The Tusker House Restaurant is a colorful Harambe marketplace eatery where guests can dine with Safari Donald Duck and friends.  This buffet-style character dining serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with American and African flavors.

Breakfast includes Mickey waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, and pastries. Lunch and dinner options feature fresh breads, Tabouli and Hummus dips, salads, chicken, pork and curries.  Prices range from $15 to $59.99 per adult.

An icy cold Dawa Colada flanked by 2 other specialty drinks at Dawa Bar

Guests can relax at a bamboo bar in the heart of Harambe village when they visit the Dawa Bar, which is located by the Tusker House Restaurant. This lounge offers specialty cocktails, such as the African Margarita and Ngumu Jungle Juice, as well as draft beer and wine.

An herb-roasted turkey sandwich on seven grain bread with tomatoes, lettuce and bacon

Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery offers breakfast or lunch to go for guests on their way to explore the Savannah. Breakfast options include freshly baked pastries, assorted cereals, and yogurt.  Lunch options feature paninis or sandwiches.

The Mahindi popcorn stand is a wonderful place to get some salty snacks. They also serve cinnamon-glazed almonds or pecans.  Guests can wash their snack down with a beer or soda.

Tamu Tamu Double Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches on a plate

Tamu Refreshments is in the heart of Harambe Village and sells exotic desserts, such as Pineapple DOLE WHIP® Cup and the Malva Cake Sundae topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  Pineapple fans that are 21 and over can try Pineapple DOLE WHIP® Cup with Dark Rum, which is delicious!

Clouds lord above the rustic walk-up windows of Harambe Market at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

The Harambe Market is an open-air plaza featuring four unique walk-up windows.  Hungry explorers can visit Kitamu Grill, Famous Sausages, Chef Mwanga’s, and Wanjohi Refreshments. Guests can enjoy their food in a nice, shady area that resembles an old colonial-era train depot.

The Harambe Fruit Market sells a nice variety of fresh produce. Prices at both markets range from $14.99 and under per adult.


Asia is comprised of two villages and is a center of animal research and tourism. Animal lovers will see a variety of species, include tigers, dozens of birds, a flying fox and a Komodo dragon.

Table-service restaurants include:

  • Yak & Yeti™ Restaurant

Quick-service dining options in Asia include:

  • Caravan Road
  • Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks
  • Drinkwallah
  • Warung Outpost
  • Yak & Yeti™ Local Food Cafes
  • Yak & Yeti™ Quality Beverages

Guests can also purchase ice cream at the Anandapur Ice Cream Truck.

Dining room with Southeast Asian décor of wooden tables and carved chairs guarded by fierce statues

The Yak & Yeti™ Restaurant is a beautiful Nepalese-style restaurant at the base of Expedition Everest. Travelers can enjoy a pan-Asian feast that includes sweet-and-sour chicken, ahi tuna nachos, pork pot stickers and Kobe beef burgers. Adults can enjoy their full-service bar. Reservations are highly recommended, and prices range from $15 to $34.99 per adult. Read our full review of the Yak & Yeti Restaurant.

Yak & Yeti™ Local Food Cafes is a quick-service option.  Their menu includes teriyaki beef bowls, egg rolls, fried rice and more.

Yak & Yeti™ Quality Beverages serves refreshing adults and non-alcoholic beverages along with a lounge menu that includes an Asian chicken sandwich, pork egg rolls and more. Prices at both places range from $14.99 and under per adult.

The Caravan Road is located directly across the Discovery River from the Tree of Life and specializes in vegetarian cuisine along with Edamame and Teriyaki Beef Sliders.

A selection of 3 beverages topped with fruit garnishes

Asia also offers a few options for the thirsty traveler. The Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks is an open-air bar that serves frozen beverages along with hummus with veggies and pita, popcorn and sweet treats.

Drinkwallah offers assorted nuts, chips and ice-cold frozen beverages, such as Frozen Coca-Cola® with or without rum.

The Warung Outpost serves three delicious flavors of margaritas along with snacks such as the Mickey Pretzel. Prices at all of these stops range from $14.99 and under per adult.

DinoLand U.S.A.

DinoLand U.S.A. includes the Dino Institute, a fictitious paleontological facility which is home to the Dinosaur attraction.

Dining options include:

  • Dino-Bite Snacks
  • Dino Diner
  • Restaurantosaurus
  • Trilo-Bites

A rustic diner featuring neon lighting and a sign for Dino-Bite Snacks amid trees and other greenery

Dino-Bite Snacks sells fun treats such as ice cream cookie sandwiches, floats and cool hot fudge sundaes.

The Dino Diner is a cheerful old-time trailer that serves frozen lemonade, an Italian Sausage Hoagie, and a Churro with Chocolate Sauce.

Animal Kingdom dining guide: An outdoor dining area at Restaurantosaurus with novelty patio décor, umbrellas, chairs and tables

The Restaurantosaurus is a dino-themed dorm that serves American-themed food, such as Angus or black bean burgers and chicken nuggets, along with cold beverages and draft beer.

Trilo-Bites is known for their zesty buffalo chicken chips and milkshakes. This quick-service stop also serves cocktails and beer.

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