Animal Kingdom Breakfast Options 2023: The Good, Average, and Unusual

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opens earlier each morning than the other three Walt Disney World theme parks. Since the theme park opens early, Animal Kingdom breakfast options have become more critical. What breakfast options can visitors select for their Animal Kingdom day?

The four Walt Disney World theme parks offer so many different dining choices. Disney’s Animal Kingdom provides some excellent and unique dining options with places like Tiffins, and Nomad Lounge, for example. However, those dining options do not open for breakfast.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom commonly opens at 8:00 a.m. Also, people staying on-site at Walt Disney World can enter a half hour before that. Animal Kingdom breakfast options will be necessary for your day since you will most likely arrive early.

Animal Kingdom’s breakfast choices are more limited than dining for lunch or dinner. Some Animal Kingdom breakfast choices rate as good. Others count as average or just unusual picks for breakfast. This resource will list all the breakfast options to help you plan your morning at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom hours

Animal Kingdom Breakfast: Where Can I Get Some Coffee?

Many people cannot function without a cup of coffee or two in the morning. If your group has one of those people, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has you covered.

Finding coffee at Disney’s Animal Kingdom does not present much of a challenge. The only exception would be during the early theme park admission half-hour that Walt Disney Resort hotel guests enjoy. However, once the official opening time happens, numerous locations serve coffee. Joffrey’s Coffee dominates Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, Creature Comforts functions as the Starbucks location for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Isle of Java in the Discovery Island Area of Animal Kingdom

This location generally opens as the early theme park admission time starts. So, if you need coffee, look for this stand as you enter Animal Kingdom.

The Isle of Java kiosk looks like an African hut. The little hut is known for its Island Cappuccino, which features white mocha and a splash of Captain Morgan’s rum. Still, Isle of Java also serves more appropriate morning beverages. You can find freshly brewed espresso, a variety of cappuccino flavors, and sweet pastries.

This Animal Kingdom breakfast option offers the standard Joffrey’s coffee. However, you will find fewer syrup options than at other Joffrey’s Coffee locations at Walt Disney World. Still, if you need some coffee, this might be your only option before the official park opening.

This kiosk also serves a few breakfast options. The Tiger Tail pastry makes the best choice here. This option comes as a croissant-shaped pastry filled with some chocolate and topped with black and orange frosting. In addition, Isle of Java serves the standard Disney sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich. These biscuit sandwiches taste okay but could be better. You can find these biscuit sandwiches throughout Walt Disney World.

Overall, the Isle of Java functions as its name indicates. This kiosk serves as a useful option for coffee and a snack. We view this as an average breakfast option.

Animal Kingdom Breakfast

Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery in the Africa Area of Animal Kingdom

Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery offers far more breakfast choices. This coffee option gives off that authentic African vibe from the moment you enter the area. If your goal for the morning leads you towards the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction, Kusafiri makes a good choice nearby for breakfast.

We recommend visiting Kusafiri after your time at the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction. Both Kilimanjaro Safari and Kusafiri Coffee Shop open at the same time. As the day progresses, the queue will be shorter for your coffee than for Kilimanjaro Safari. Kilimanjaro Safari develops a long queue soon after the official park opening. Your day will start better if you can make it through the safari ride without your morning coffee. If needed, consider the coffee a reward for after the attraction.

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Still, Joffrey’s Coffee rules the day at Kusafiri. Do not worry, Starbucks fans; your time will come. The current menu at Kusafiri only indicates that standard fresh brewed coffee is available here. Yet, some colleagues have gotten a cold brew at this location recently. Either way, if you enjoy Joffrey’s Coffee, this place works for you.

Like many things at Walt Disney World, the breakfast options at Kusafiri have changed since the theme parks reopened in 2020. Formerly more yogurt and fruit options existed here. This place still serves fruit cups. Yet, the yogurt options may or may not be there on your morning at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

On a brighter note, Kusafiri sells large cinnamon rolls. People claim that you need two people to eat these cinnamon rolls. We might disagree. However, for value and quality, these cinnamon rolls deserve your consideration. If the cinnamon roll does not appeal to you or your group will not share, we suggest the Pistachio Honey Croissant here.

Creature Comforts in the Discovery Island area

Guests can find an oasis of Starbucks coffee between the Isle of Java and Kusafiri. Unlike Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World cannot simply call a Starbucks location- Starbucks. As a result, Creature Comforts would be the name of the place to find Starbucks coffee at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Once you enter the area, you will see familiar aspects of your local Starbucks.

In fact, the menu resembles the standard United States Starbucks menu. This one does come with a few Disney additions. For example, the “Colossal Cinnamon Roll” and the Pistachio Honey Croissant can be found here. You can get all your Starbucks favorites here, such as the signature lattes, frappuccinos, and the typical Starbucks food options. Creature Comforts will have most of Starbucks’s familiar pastries and breakfast sandwiches.

We have a few words of caution about Creature Comforts. The place develops a noticeable queue as the only location to get Starbucks at Animal Kingdom. Also, Creature Comforts opens at the official park opening time. Just like Kusafiri, if Kilimanjaro Safari functions as your first intended morning stop, the coffee will have to wait. Isle of Java sounds better now, right?

Before moving on, we must answer a common question about Starbucks at the four Walt Disney World theme parks. No, you cannot redeem your “Star” rewards at this location. However, you can use Starbucks gift cards or the Starbucks mobile app to pay for your order. On the bright side, you can earn “Star” rewards on purchases here. Also, mobile ordering at this location does not exist.

On high-crowd level days, this location takes a commitment to get your coffee. However, if you need some Starbucks, this makes your only option. We wish you good luck.

Tamu Tamu Refreshments in the Africa area

Tamu Tamu serves Joffrey’s coffee. The coffee options are limited, but they will keep your morning going. If so inclined, the “African Coffee” here includes some Amarula Cream Liqueur.

The breakfast menu looks like other breakfast options at Animal Kingdom. The big cinnamon roll and familiar Disney pastries can be found here. Tamu Tamu also sells blueberry muffins and guava and cream cheese pastries.

Trek Snacks in the Asia area

If you find yourself in the Asia area of Animal Kingdom, Trek Snacks serves Joffrey’s coffee. The standard options of Joffrey’s exist here.

If you want a non-traditional or unusual breakfast snack, this stand sells popcorn, pretzels, “Uncrustables,” and ice cream novelties. This stand opens at the official park opening. Since most guests will venture towards the Pandora or Africa areas, this snack stand should be an easy place to get your coffee. For an Animal Kingdom breakfast, this makes an unusual choice, but you are on vacation after all, right?

Other Options

The table service dining locations and a few other counter service locations serve coffee. If you need coffee in the morning, Animal Kingdom offers many options.

Animal Kingdom Breakfast: Counter Service Options

Speaking of counter-service dining options, this section will include the remaining counter-service options that open during breakfast hours. Breakfast runs at the Animal Kingdom theme park until 10:30 a.m. each morning. Some locations continue to sell breakfast items until 11:00 but only a few.

Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafés in Asia area

Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes, a popular food location, serves a limited breakfast menu. Nevertheless, the quality of breakfast cuisine here brings better flavor than the standard Disney breakfast biscuit sandwich. This location serves breakfast bowls with or without meat (choice of bacon or sausage), breakfast English muffin sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, and fruit salad. The kid’s meals consist of either a pancake and sausage stick or French toast. For a basic snack, this food location sells hash brown bites.

Animal Kingdom Breakfast

This location offers a higher quality breakfast. With that comes a slightly higher price. The breakfast bowls earn that higher price based on their typical quality.

Also, this location should not be confused with the nearby table service Yak & Yeti location. In addition, this location opens an hour after the official opening of Animal Kingdom each day. So, if you started your day riding Expedition Everest, you might have to wait a few minutes for breakfast at this Asia area location. Nevertheless, this makes a good breakfast option on this side of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

Harambe Fruit Market in Africa area

Harambe Fruit Market opens each day at the official park opening. This fruit stand blends well with the African area. This option makes a good choice if you are looking for a quick snack. You can get a Mickey pretzel, fresh fruit cups, whole fruit, assorted chips, and a blueberry muffin here. This location used to serve coffee. However, coffee no longer resides on the menu here. Though a Mickey Pretzel might sound like an unusual breakfast option, you know that choice exists now.

Pongu Pongu in Pandora – The World of Avatar area

Pandora – the World of Avatar draws large crowds all day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The lure of the fantastic Flight of Passage attraction in this area leads most guests to start their day here.

pongu pongu animal kingdom disney world

Your breakfast options in Pandora come down to Pongu Pongu.  The menu here contains fewer items than back in early 2020. Still, the theming of this food and beverage location will entertain any Pandora fan.

This location does not serve coffee but offers several alcoholic beverages. Your food choices consist of a cinnamon roll (not the large one), a biscuit sandwich (that seems to taste a little better than other ones in this park), and the divisive Pongu Lumpia. This one counts as an unusual breakfast.

A Pongu Lumpia consists of pineapple cream cheese within a spring roll wrapper. Regarding the Pongu Lumpia, the people who like this sweet treat claim it is the best snack around. Luckily for them, Pongu Pongu sells this item all day, not just at breakfast. However, many guests disdain the warm cream cheese inside this treat. We suggest this as a good option but be prepared for a different feel and texture for breakfast.

Have an Early Lunch at Satu’li Canteen for Breakfast

Sadly, Satu’li Canteen does not open for breakfast in this area of Animal Kingdom. This incredible counter service location might be the best counter service location inside any of the four Walt Disney World theme parks. We have some good news on this front, in any case. Satu’li Canteen opens at 10:00 a.m. for lunch.

As Disney says, “Indulge in the art and culture of the Na’vi while dining inside this former RDA mess hall, only at Pandora – The World of Avatar.” Satu’li Canteen serves cheeseburger bao buns and any combination of a rice, noodle, or potato-based bowl you can devise. If unfamiliar with Satu’li Canteen, visualize a Subway or Chipotle with you choosing a base, sauce, and toppings for your bowl. We understand it this does not sound like breakfast. However, we would choose this place every time between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. at Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom Breakfast: Table Service Options

Moving from talking about the best counter service, guests can enjoy one of the best character dining breakfast options on Walt Disney World property inside Animal Kingdom. Yet, Animal Kingdom offers only two table-service dining options regarding breakfast choices. Those options are Rainforest Café and Tusker House.

Rainforest Café at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Rainforest Café serves a traditional table service breakfast within this themed restaurant. You know what to expect here if you live near a Rainforest Café location. Another Rainforest Café location exists at Disney Springs. However, this unusual location serves breakfast daily, whereas the Disney Springs location does not.

Rainforest Café’s breakfast menu consists of about 25 different entrees ranging in price from $14 to $26. Guests can choose some traditional breakfast options like omelets, eggs, pancakes, waffles, and oatmeal. However, the menu includes some non-traditional breakfast options also.  No matter your preference, everyone in your group should be able to find something they will like.

The highlights of this Animal Kingdom breakfast menu start with a Breakfast Bamba, a version of eggs benedict. Rainforest Café serves some chicken & waffles that receive good reviews. For the brave diner, Rainforest Café breakfast offers Pie of the Viper. This Mexican-style breakfast pizza provides decent flavor and a bit of spice to wake you up in the morning. A version of Tonga Toast also can be purchased here for breakfast. This unique cinnamon French toast comes with maple syrup, strawberries, and bananas.

Overall, Rainforest Café makes a decent table-service breakfast option. The breakfast at this location does not display the same quality as the following table service option. Still, the price point for theme park table service dining stays within the expected level at Rainforest Café.

Tusker House

Animal Kingdom Breakfast

Tusker House, located in the Africa area, provides a character breakfast buffet. The colorful dining space features a fabric-draped ceiling like an open-air African bazaar. Tusker House has four dining rooms with a different African theme in each one.

The price of this character breakfast matches that of the other similar character breakfast options at Walt Disney World. As of the time of writing, the buffet costs $45 for adults and $29 for children ages three to nine. This character breakfast functions as one of the better ones on Walt Disney World property.

The meal is buffet style. However, the stars of the show are Safari Donald and Safari Daisy. Usually, Mickey and Goofy appear also. The character interactions are entertaining. The Disney characters in their safari gear make this Animal Kingdom breakfast more unique.

So, what about the food? This ranks as one of the better breakfast options on the property regarding character meals.  The buffet includes such things as:

  • POG juice (passion fruit, orange, and guava juice) – called Jungle Juice here.
  • A wide selection of pastries
  • Mickey and Simba waffles
  • Whole pieces of fruit
  • Overnight oats, fruit salad, yogurt, granola, and breakfast potatoes
  • Bacon, sausage patties, rotisserie ham, and andouille sausage pieces

In addition to those, Tusker House’s breakfast buffet often includes a few more unique African-style breakfast items. We suggest that if they are on the buffet when you dine here, try them.  We have only ever heard good things about the breakfast at Tusker House.

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