PHOTOS! Disneyland’s Splash Mountain Closing Day Draws Crowds

Splash Mountain is saying goodbye today at Disneyland, and it has drawn in large crowds on its closing day. Guests rushed to Splash Mountain at rope drop trying to squeeze in one last ride, and more crowds may appear this afternoon as locals get off work and experience the attraction for the final time.

After today, the ride will begin its retheming to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. While the structure of the ride will still remain intact, it will feature the adventures of Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog movie. Keep reading for more information on what to expect from this change and details on closing day of Splash Mountain at Disneyland!

Why is Splash Mountain Closing?

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Splash Mountain is saying goodbye for a few reasons. One is that Splash Mountain is based on the film Song of the South that presents a problematic portrayal of plantation life, idealizing race relations after the Civil War in the South.

Another reason is that Disney is always incorporating new franchises into the parks, and this ride presents a great opportunity to introduce Princess and the Frog, as we will discuss more in the storyline and attraction details below.

Guests Rush to Get in Line for Last Ride on Splash Mountain

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Guests were ready at rope drop to beeline to Splash Mountain for one last ride! Despite the rather gloomy weather at Disneyland this morning, guests rushed to the Splash Mountain queue to start their day off with a big splash.

Lines Built to 70-80 Minutes During the Morning

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Throughout the morning, standby wait times climbed to above 70 minutes as guests waited for their final experience on the attraction during its last day in operation.

Wait Times Increased to Over 3 Hours Later in the Day

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In the afternoon the attraction reached a posted wait time of 185 minutes. Later in the evening the line reached over 250 minutes long.

Single Rider Line Builds Up on Splash Mountain’s Closing Day

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Equipped with ponchos, guests stood in the Single Rider line for their last experience on this attraction before it is rethemed. Coming off of the boats, guests cheered in celebration of their final ride!

Single Rider Line Also Increased in the Afternoon

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Look at the additional line markings added to the queue throughout the day.

Pressed Penny Line Long for Splash Mountain Closing

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Even the pressed penny line for Splash Mountain is long as guests wait to collect a souvenir of the ride on closing day.

How are Guests Feeling About Splash Mountain’s Closing?

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While there are different reactions to Splash Mountain’s closing, several guests have expressed their thoughts on our Facebook page, cherishing their positive memories on this ride while also excitedly looking forward to what the future holds.

Diana Nuno Johnson commented on our Facebook page that while she loved the ride, she’s just as excited for the changes in store: “But the thing about Disney and Disneyland that I love is how it changes. The new stuff is just as magical as the old. And Disneyland always manages to honor the things that guests love. I’m very happy and excited to see the Princess and the Frog theme ride. Great movie with wonderful story and songs. Bring it on!!!”

Kat Tapsco mused that it’s “sad to see the old rides go away. The story that brought the ride to fruition and heralded America’s growing into the world we have today, still has merit. I look forward to seeing the new ride and hope it rises to the standard set by it’s predecessor.”

Others are not very worried about the retheming, like Lauren Armstrong, who commented: “Besides you’ll still get absolutely soaked with the retheme and it really won’t feel that different. Disney has a way of keeping things nostalgic while also making it new and exciting.”

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to Replace Splash Mountain

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Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will replace Splash Mountain, and the events of the ride take place after the ending of Princess and the Frog. Tiana has opened her own restaurant, Tiana’s Palace, and she is preparing for a big Mardi Gras celebration but is missing a special ingredient. Guests will help Tiana search for it, venturing through the bayou and meeting several critter friends along the way.

The ride will feature new animatronics, the return of our favorite Princess and the Frog characters (with voice roles reprised by Jennifer Lewis (Mama Odie), Bruno Campos (Prince Naveen), Michael Leon Wooley (Louis), and Anika Noni Rose (Princess Tiana), zydeco music, and more!

Tiana’s Palace Restaurant Coming to Disneyland

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Disneyland will also be adding a new Princess and the Frog themed restaurant in New Orleans Square that will replace French Market Restaurant. Tiana’s Palace, a new quick-service style restaurant, will feature authentic New Orleans food inspired by the film along with seasonal offerings. The restaurant will be reminiscent of the one we see in the Princess and the Frog movie, inspired by “Tiana’s friends and adventures.”

Disney Imagineers have partnered with Disney Animation artists from the original film to create Tiana’s Palace at Disneyland. While Tiana’s Palace won’t be a Character Dining location, we might see her stop by to say hello to guests! There is no official opening date yet, but Disney says that it will open “later in the year.”

New Princess and the Frog Themed Shop at Disneyland

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Disneyland recently opened Eudora’s Chic Boutique Featuring Tiana’s Gourmet Secrets, where Tiana has partnered with her dressmaker mother Eudora to open this “crown jewel of the Crescent City.” You’ll find houseware, gifts, decorations, apparel and accessories, art, and more at this new shop.

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