Adventures By Disney Italy Review 2019: Price, Dates, Itinerary

8 Days/7 Nights Rates: from $4499 adult per person USD) Spring, Summer and Fall Departures

7 Breakfasts 4 Lunch 4 Dinners included

Adventures By Disney Italy Reviews

The highlights of Italy’s famous cities and beautiful countryside will come alive in this tour of some of the best Italy has to offer! You will begin in Rome, where your hotel with views of St Peter’s Basilica will serve as your home base to visit sites, both ancient and contemporary.  You’ll begin your visit in ancient Rome with an interactive tour of the Colosseum.  The Roman Forum was the main meeting area of ancient Rome, where everyone gathered for official business and today it’s still surrounded by ancient ruins that come to life on your privately guided tour of the area.  

Vatican City serves as the home for the current Pope, leader of the Catholic Church and is its own sovereign country in the middle of Italy. In Vatican City, you will have a privately guided tour of the St Peters Basilica, .one of the most famous examples of Renaissance architecture in the world. You will see where St Peter, considered to be the first Pope is buried under the main altar. You’ll also see the dome Michelangelo designed.  You will take a motor coach tour around Rome to see some of the famous sights as well as a privately guided walking tour in the streets of Rome.  While walking, see the Spanish Steps, the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain on foot. Your guides will leave time to enjoy a gelato!.  

One of the highlights of this adventure is a private after hours tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.  Your expert guides will bring 4000 years of art history on display to life and you’ll have a chance to see the famous Michelangelo painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel without the usual midday crowds.

Travel through Umbria to the upper town of Orvieto, a medieval city seemingly unchanged by time.  You will have time on your own to wander the caves and tunnels the ancient Italians used as well as explore the Duomo di Orvieto cathedral, with it’s amazing architecture and stained glass.

You will enjoy the scenery of Italian countryside on your way to Tavarnelle Val di Pesa in Tuscany. From your hotel in Tuscany, you will have the opportunity visit and get involved in activities in vineyards, olive orchards and dine al fresco!  

During a day trip to Florence, you will experience the incredible Renaissance art and architecture this city has to offer, including Michelangelo’s David.  You will also take a walking tour with your guides and see the Duomo, Baptistry, Plaza della Signoria, Plaza della Republican and other sights of Florence.  Later you will have a privately guided VIP tour of Palazzo Vecchio, the incredible Town Hall of Florence.  There, you can explore, without the crowds, amazing works of art by Renaissance painters hanging in the halls and dress in medieval costumes like ones the well-heeled Medici family of Florence might have worn.  Don’t forget to take some family photos!

Travel in Europe, the way Europeans do…you will travel to Venice by train, enjoying the countryside out your window.  In Venice you will have a privately guided tour of Piazza San Marco and a private Gondola tour, where you can explore Venice and it’s amazing bridges including, the Rialto Bridge, by boat!  A tour of the Doge’s Palace goes beyond just looking at the amazing art during an art detective game designed by Disney for Junior Adventurers.

You will have a private mask making activity at a local shop, where you will learn about the history of Venetian masks and create your very own souvenir to bring home.

Itinerary Review: One of the biggest obstacles to seeing Rome is its popularity!  For most families’ vacation time probably means sharing this historic and iconic city with crowds.  One of the best ways to “beat the crowds” is to get insider access to the sites around Rome. This itinerary with its privately guided tours and skip the lines and afterhours access, allows you to see the most popular sights with fewer crowds and in less time. The local experts continue to add to the experience by putting what you’ll see in context, and engaging everyone in your group.  With this itinerary, you will go beyond “cross it off your bucket list” and really be immersed in the destination.  Expert guiding is most critical in destinations like Rome, where it’s easy to come home having seen a bunch of ancient ruins and Renaissance paintings without knowing their back story. The Adventure Guides and expert Local guides, provide the story to go with the sights you will see. Rome can also be a logistical challenge too; special events and religious observances can change what’s open for guests in Vatican City. On this itinerary, as in all Adventures By Disney, your ABD Adventure guides have that all handled for you!  You will be less likely to miss an important sight or activity, because Adventures By Disney has done the advance work ensuring that your itinerary rolls with the changes.

Three full nights in Tuscany, in a pastoral hotel allows you to experience the Italian country side and agricultural delights and serves as your base for day trips to Florence.  It is well worth spending some time immersed in Tuscany, and this tour allows you to stay there, not just pass through on a bus!

Most of Venice is accessible only by boat!  It’s notoriously hard to navigate with its twisty canals, boats and bridges. This itinerary makes Venice accessible because your Adventure Guides take care of the logistics and transportation so you only get lost wandering the streets in Venice if you choose to!  Because Venice in built on a series of can be challenging to even get from the airport to our accommodations!  All your transfers and luggage handling are included in the itinerary, removing the time and headache of transferring gives you more time to enjoy this beautiful city!

What’s Not On The Itinerary That You Might Also Want To See:

This itinerary leaves time to explore on your own, with free time in Orvieto, Florence and Venice to pursue your own interests. Because there are so many diversions in Italy, these on-your-own times will allow you to explore your own passions. More museums, hiking in local gardens, whiling away the afternoon in a café, enjoying the amenities at your hotel or exploring tiny shops along the narrow roads while enjoying a gelato, the choice is yours and your Adventure Guides are there to help plan activities that appeal to your family.  Italy is a large county and it would be impossible to see all of it in a week. This itinerary misses most of the southern coast, but some families do make a two week trip by adding Adventures By Disney Italy and the Amalfi Coast for a more comprehensive exploration of Italy.  Another option is to add Adventures By Disney Italy and Switzerland to visit the lakes area and Milan.  Or ask your travel agent  to book a week in a villa in the lakes region or somewhere along the Amalfi coast after your ABD.

Where Will We Stay?:

Grand Melia Rome 2 nights –This contemporary and stylishly designed hotel is located in Rome on the River Tiber.  Views from the hotel include, St Peter’s Basilic and Castel San Angelo, and you will be within walking distance of the Vatican. While there is plenty to do in Rome, your hotel features all the modern amenities and a beautiful pool and gardens where you can relax and recharge.

Hotel Borgio di Cortefreda Tuscany/Florence 3 nights –Located on a hilltop in Tarvanelle Vai di Pesa, Tuscnay, this boutique hotel offers fabulous panoramic views of the Chianti Mountains, vineyards and olive orchards. Relax after a busy day touring in Tuscany with an outdoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, and Finnish sauna located at the hotel.     

Hilton Molina Stucky in Venice 2 nights – This 5-star, historic, luxury hotel is located in what was once a flour mill on Guidecca Island. Like most places in Venice, you’ll reach your hotel via boat!  Your home base in Venice also features Venice views and a rooftop pool and a fun Nutella bar that will be popular with the Junior Adventurers!

Who Is This Trip Suitable For?

Children Disney rates this trip as suitable for children minimum age 4, recommended for children age 6 +

The history and art of Italy can be a challenging for young children to grasp, fortunately, Adventures By Disney has tailored it’s itineraries to suit multigenerational families.  For young visitors to Italy Adventures By Disney includes opportunities to make pasta, dress up in medieval costumes and have a scavenger hunt. These specialized privately led activities make the learning fun and prevent museum visits from feeling like history lessons!  Chances to explore ruins are presented along with stories of gladiators that excite the young fans!  Few do it better than ABD when it comes to making an itinerary that appeals to children in both activities and pacing.  Al fresco meals (when possible) give children to permission to wander in the gardens while adults relax with a glass of wine. Every hotel on this itinerary has an appealing pool area to help children and adults refresh and burn off some energy.  This is something that is not found on many Italian itineraries that include Rome and Venice, but ABD has selected all of their accommodations with the Junior Adventurers in mind!   

Multi-Generational Families With plenty of activities for Junior Adventurers while parents and grandparents can sit an enjoy spectacular views or incredible art museums, this adventure really has something for everyone.  With 2 and 3 night stays at the same hotel, older adults traveling with younger family members can easily opt in and out of components of the itinerary if they need extra rest. Additionally, this itinerary involves a fair bit of walking, but otherwise is not especially “active” with biking, hiking, or kayaking excursions, that might not be easy for some of the youngest or oldest members of the family.

History Buffs This trip will appeal to those with an interest in history, with activities that explore the Renaissance and Ancient Rome.  Opportunities for insider, VIP access to some of the world’s most historic buildings, such as the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel, The Palazzo Vecchio and Roman Forum.  Free time in Rome and Florence will allow those interested in history  additional time to explore sights more deeply or historic museums and buildings not included in the itinerary.  Junior Adventurers with an interest in history will love the way Adventure Guides use stories to bring the history to life and the opportunity to participate in hands on activities to immerse themselves in the period.

Art Aficionados Anyone with an interest in art will love a trip to Italy, where the art is not only in the museums, but out in the streets.  Even someone with an excellent knowledge of art will love the that Adventures By Disney engages expert local guides to help guests delve deeper into the art and architecture they are seeing.  

Foodies Italy is known for its incredible food, and this itinerary allows plenty of time to not only enjoy the gastronomic delights, but participate in creating them!  In Tuscany, you will enjoy a pasta making activity and a wine tasting.  Junior Adventurers learn how to pick herbs and infuse olive oil on the farm where they are made.  It’s been our experience that most activities designed to engage Junior Adventurers are also welcoming to adults who have interest in the subject.

Also, with several lunches and dinners “on your own” you will have the opportunity to sample some of the best restaurants or wonderful bistros in Italy.  If you have been hoping to visit a special restaurant you have heard of, you can book in advance. Unsure?  Your Adventure Guides are happy to help you find the off the beaten path place that will tantalize your palate!

People with Short Vacation Time, Looking to Sample the Best of Italy This one week adventure packs a lot in for people with limited vacation time.  The insider access and VIP, private tours mean little waiting in line and your itinerary is optimized to fit in as much as possible, while still allowing some on-you-own time.  Three hotel changes in a week means you will be on the move frequently, but this allows you to take in a lot of Italy in a short period of time.  

Is This Adventure Affordable?

Italy is a very expensive area of Europe to visit.  Top hotels and restaurants command top prices, especially during the busy tourist season which runs from May to October.  Adventures By Disney has bundled top hotels and some fine restaurants that makes this itinerary a good value.  The biggest value is the expert guiding and insider access.  A standard day out with a driver and expert guide could easily cost a family 1000 Euros a day! A customized itinerary could run 1000 euros per person per day.  Going entirely on your own could result in expensive mistakes that waste your money or your time standing in line or getting lost.   This itinerary includes not just your Adventure Guides, who are often local and handle all the logistics, but they also connect you with local experts and guides throughout your visit.  Insider access at this price is a great value because being able to visit popular sites during off-peak times or with VIP access is literally priceless.  Another way you will save?  Your Adventure Guides will have insider information about the best places to go for dining and shopping, so you don’t make an expensive mistake at a tourist trap!

What Should We Do to Prepare for This Adventure?

As with all Adventures By Disney trips; if you don’t have time and don’t feel like preparing, you don’t have to, because your fabulous Adventure Guides will put everything you see and do in context and prepare you for each adventure!! You will also receive comprehensive pre-departure information with all the details you need. But if you like to do a little research ahead of time, here are some resources!

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides for Rome, Venice, and Florence and Tuscany are enormously helpful because of their full color photos which allows even the youngest members of the family to do a bit of reading before they leave and “see” what will be included on their tours.  The DK guides also have a nice pictorial history time lien, which really helps to visualize the various periods in history.  Because Europe has such a long history, from Ancient to Modern times, it’s a great idea to know a bit about the history to help everyone understand what they are seeing.  As always, your Adventure Guides do a great job of sharing this information during your adventure!

When visiting large cities, where you will have a little on-you-own time, it’s always a good idea to buy or google the maps of the city before you go.  Having an idea of the major landmarks and areas of the city will help with orientation.  However, as with all Adventure By Disney trips, even on-your-own time can always be mapped out in advance with your Adventure Guides to make it easy to explore!

Every member of the family will need a US Passport to travel to Italy. There are no special medical preparations or visas required for Americans, but Adventures By Disney will keep on top of the latest requirements and make sure you are informed of what needs to be done before departure.

This Adventure includes plenty of walking on stone floors or cobbled streets in warm areas of the world.  It’s a good idea for the whole family to do some walking in the shoes you plan to wear before the trip.  

What Should We Pack for This Adventure?

Italy is not overly formal, but it is a place where fashion matters and people do dress nicely in restaurants and out in the streets, especially in the cities.  Additionally, most cathedrals and buildings in the Vatican require arms and legs to be covered.  While you will get a complete packing list in your pre-departure information and advice every day from your Adventure Guides, if you want to do some advance shopping, plan on packing a couple of comfortable, loose, lightweight outfits that cover to the knee and have sleeves.  This will not only pass muster in the religious buildings, but will protect you from the hot sun!  A long sleeve safari style shirt with sun protection factor of 50 or a large light cotton wrap, can be used as a cover from sun or in religious buildings.  Having one or the other of these in your day pack for every member of the family is a good idea on this itinerary.

One of the most important things to take with you to Italy is comfortable walking shoes.  Lots of stone floors, and ruins on this itinerary can be hard on the feet.  It’s a good idea to break in whatever shoes you hope to wear ahead of time.

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